That’s a tough question and if you ask me I’ll have to ask you, why do you need to know what your car is worth?

Sounds silly, but my answer can vary by quite a bit depending on what it’s for, so consider these common reasons for needing to know what your car is worth:


Estate settlement or uncontested divorce

Contested divorce

To market the vehicle for sale

To get insurance on a customized car

Lease return

State vehicle registration

Trade-in value

The reasons are endless, but the point is that for each of these reasons our appraisal process I s different. The value you market a car at depends on several factors, the cost to replace your customized vehicles is completely different than what you can sell it for and there are pages of rules for donating cars.

Most of these values are also going to factor in the local market, the national market, how many other vehicles like it are out there and how well it’s documented. These days the provenance of a vehicle can literally make the difference of $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.