WHy get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?  


Not too many years ago, if a buyer was looking for a certain type of vehicle and found one advertised more than an hour's drive away, the person probably didn't buy it!

Today, however, with the domination of companies like eBay, things have really changed!

Nowadays when you sell a car on eBay, you don't even expect it to be sold in the same state. Often the buyer is in another country!

Unfortunately, for that very reason an unscrupulous seller now has more and more opportunities to rip-off an unsuspecting buyer who may be a hundred or even thousands of miles away. How do you know what you are buying? Do really want to pay a couple of grand in shipping fees as well as the cost of the car itself only to be disappointed?

What's your recourse in such a case: to sue someone two thousand miles away? Good Luck!