Had an Accident?

If the damage was determined to be a total loss, what your car was really worth before the accident.
What is Prior to Loss?

The Prior to Loss value is what your car was worth prior to the accident.

If you have been in an accident and it has been determined that the car is a total loss, the insurance company will need to pay to replace your car. Chances are they will not offer you enough to actually buy a similar car with the same miles and options.

You are entitled to the Actual Cash Value of an available to the general public, comparable automobile, less your deductible, plus tax, title and license fees.  Chances are the insurance company has not offered you what you are entitled to.

Auto Appraisal Network will determine the Prior to Loss value of your car using local market data and making allowances for mileage, options and condition.

Any portion of a Diminished Value or Prior to Loss claim that is not paid can also be written off on your itemized income taxes including the appraisal fee to have the diminished value appraisal performed.

In some cases if you cannot purchase a comparable car within 30 days of you settlement you can re-open your claim and the insurer can either locate a comparable vehicle or pay you the difference.

Use IRS Form 4684 for itemizing Prior to Loss and appraisal fees on your taxes.