What are the initial costs?


  • Expenses for Test Marketing (Dependent on how you choose to test market)
  • Territory fee based on population of the territory you want to support ($12,500-$20,000)
  • Financing available (subject to approval)


Can I add or remove counties from my supported area?


  • Yes, we frequently adjust territories based on where an appraiser may live.


What is the approval process?


  • Submit an application and sign non-disclosure agreement
  • AAN review and verification of applicable experience and background check
  • AAN Test Marketing presentation
  • Perform test marketing in you local target area
  • AAN reviews your marketing plan


Why be a franchisee?


  • Franchisors have been approved to be offer a franchises, convicted felons and illegitimate business cannot qualify.
  • Currently there are 2 companies in Southern California offering "Become a Classic Automobile Appraiser" training; they are run by convicted felons with multiple bankruptcies.

  • Why risk your hard earned money and reputation with a non-franchise company that has nothing to lose.
  • Franchisors have had an extensive financial and criminal background checks to ensure their offering is legit to protect you from fraud and criminal activities


What do I need to do to perform appraisals in my local area?


  • Have an AAN approved marketing and business plan
  • Purchase franchise territory
  • Successfully complete training
  • Order marketing materials
  • Execute your marketing plan


What are the financial qualifications to become a Auto Appraisal Network Certified Appraiser?


  • $100,000 net worth (typically if you own a house, but not required)
  • Credit score of at least 650


What do I need to do to become an Auto Appraisal Network Certified Appraiser?


  • Recommend state specific USPAP Course* (7 & 14-hour courses, $100 - $325)
  • Certification Course (Specific to the services we offer and applicable USPAP requirements)
  • Successfully complete Certification written test
  • 6-months appraisal experience


What can you tell me about auto appraisal business in my area?


Based on your local market and demographics we can estimate what services are best suited for that market, we can then help you perform test marketing of our services so that you can evaluate any competition, identify key customers and estimate what kind of volume of appraisals your market could yield.
* USPAP and it's coursework only cover general appraisal of personal property, including real estate, jewelry, art work etc. USPAP is a prerequisite for real estate appraisers, but its not specific to automobile appraisals, but the general principals are applicable to the services we offer.   Automobile damage appraisals are regulated by the state department of insurance, but are not related to personal property appraisals and we do not offer automobile damage appraisals for determining the cost to repair a damaged vehicle.