What are the initial costs?


Franchise Fee (based on territory size) $12,500-$20,000
Net Worth  $100,000
Minimum Credit Score 650
Training, Certifications, Marketing and other Expenses Varies
Financing Available Yes, subject to approval



Submit your application and sign the non-disclosure agreement

Your application is reviewed, information of applicable experience is verified, and a background check is completed

Attend test marketing/onboarding class

Perform test marketing research in your desired local target area

Submission and review of your marketing plan


How do I get certified?


  • Complete the recommended state-specific 7 or 15 hr USPAP Courses


  • Complete the AAN Certification Course (Specific to the services we offer and applicable USPAP requirements)*


  • Pass the certification written test


  • Complete 6 months of in-the-field appraisal training


What do I need in order to begin doing appraisals?  

  • Finalize the purchase of your territory 
  • Successfully complete the Auto Appraisal Network training program
  • Complete required certification programs
  • Order marketing materials
  • Work with our digital marketing provider to launch your website
  • Get final approval from the corporate office of your marketing plan 

Can I increase or decrease the size of my territory?

Yes, we frequently adjust territories based on our appraiser's home base, amount of business they’re doing, and other reasons.

Is there a need for auto appraisers in my area?


There is a need nationwide for professional, certified auto appraisers.  Currently, there is little to no competition in the industry, and it’s booming! Based on your local market and demographics, we will estimate the services that are best suited for that area.  We also perform test marketing of our services with you, so that you’re able to evaluate any competition, identify key/target customers and estimate the volume of appraisals your market could yield.

What are the benefits of buying a franchise business?   

Starting a business from scratch is a HUGE endeavor.  Approximately 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years. A business that has franchised their brand started as a small business.  Becoming a franchise is a  rigorous process, heavily regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  You’ll still own your own business when you buy a franchise, but you’ll be way ahead of the game because all the hard stuff has already been figured out. Benefits of owning a franchise include: 

-Brand recognition 
-Developed technologies 
-A proven business model
-Organized training programs 
-Support and guidance from the franchisor

* USPAP and it's coursework only cover general appraisal of personal property, including real estate, jewelry, art work etc. USPAP is a prerequisite for real estate appraisers, but its not specific to automobile appraisals, but the general principals are applicable to the services we offer.   Automobile damage appraisals are regulated by the state department of insurance, but are not related to personal property appraisals and we do not offer automobile damage appraisals for determining the cost to repair a damaged vehicle.