Boats and Personal Watercraft Appraisals

We appraise boats and personal watercraft for insurance, estate settlements, divorces and donations.

You may be surprised to learn that having your boat or personal watercraft appraised is just as important as any other collector vehicle. Probably more so considering towing, storage and maintenance is so much more critical than an automobile.

Making the decision to invest in a boat is something which needs to be carefully considered before it is actually done. It is not like a car which is in use just about every day of the year.

If you are considering a joint ownership, establishing the value of the boat or watercraft will be key in resolving disagreements in the future.

A yacht can be a serious investment. In the event of damage or loss, your asset is needs to be insured with fully comprehensive replacement value insurance. Replacement value insurance starts with a detailed appraisal report which fully documents your investment.

If you, your bank or your insurance company can't look in a book and find out exactly what your boat or watercraft is worth. You better protect your investment, you need to have it professionally appraised before anything happens by one of the experienced appraisers at the Auto Appraisal Network.

Antique and Classic boat restorations are no different than cars. The reality is the cost of restoration would be difficult or impossible to recover if not properly insured. Replacement cost of an Antique or Classic boat is no where near the fair market value. For this reason an insurance appraisal needs to take into account the time and material cost to replicate the insured vessel. Protect your boat. Have it appraised!

Sample 1935 Chris Craft 19' Runabout Report
Sample 2001 Baja 44' Power Boat Report

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