Why you Need a Specialty Vehicle Appraisal



Insurance is the most common reason for needing an appraisal, especially for collector and custom autos. Any auto or motorcycle that has had a lot of work done to it, such as new interior, engine modifications, specialty paint jobs, etc. can add significant value to your auto. These are upgrades that common auto value calculators don’t take into account. 

Having an appraisal report completed is necessary to insure your vehicle for the actual value. For instance, if the published value for a perfect '40 Ford Coupe is $36k, but it has had $160k invested in it, the insurance policy should reflect that. As long as every facet of that conversion work is documented and verified with photographs in a professional appraisal report, your insurance company will not have any issues being able to insure it for the real value that includes the amount invested.  You can't blame your insurance company for undervaluing your vehicle if the insurance company doesn't know what you have!

We have never been involved in an insurance claim yet where the adjuster looked at one of our appraisals and said, "That's just way too much information." Unfortunately, however, we’ve had too many owners that call us after they’ve filed a claim without having a professional appraisal, who were told by their insurance company that "Without prior-to-loss proof, we have no idea what your car was worth." The cost of not  getting a professional appraisal ended up costing them thousands of dollars, months of stress and aggravation. Don’t risk putting yourself in this situation- Get a professional appraisal for your vehicle from Auto Appraisal Network today, before something happens. Protect your investment! 


The second most common reason to have a vehicle professionally appraised, is for financing. There are a number of banks and credit unions that finance classic cars and custom vehicles, but they need to know exactly how much that special vehicle is worth in order to lend money on it. An appraisal report from AAN will accomplish this requirement.

Re-Sale Value

The third most common appraisal request is to find the resale value. Buyers and car dealers always appreciate an appraisal report that has all the work done to a vehicle completed, documented and verified. It shows that you are a legitimate seller and not a scammer. 

Other Reasons 

Other common situations that require professional appraisals include: legal disputes, insurance disputes, diminished value reports, divorces, estate settlements, probate cases and for charitable donations.

No matter your reason for needing an appraisal report, we can help. If we don’t have an appraiser in your area, we do have an online appraisal option for certain types of appraisals.  Contact us for more details. 


No matter your reason for needing an appraisal report, we can help.