When it comes to getting your car appraised there are a lot of options available. Appraisal range in cost from $50 to $750 and for a variety of reasons including fair market value, replacement value, prior to loss value and diminished value.

So how do you know what you need? If the resulting report is for your own information, say fair market value maybe you only need a simple report, but if that report is going to the insurance co, or maybe part of a court decision you want to make sure it presents well and includes factual information so that someone who knows nothing about your vehicles can decipher the contents of the report and conclude the report is accurate. Ask you appraiser for a sample report. Does it include market data to back it up? Are the adjustments made itemized so they can be verified? Would this report impress the intended recipient? These are all valid questions when considering having a vehicle appraised.

How about the appraiser. What are their qualifications? Will the appraiser stand behind the appraisal report and can they be a credible expert witness? In the event information and credentials are need to be verified does the appraiser have a valid address in which they can be reached, you can’t subpoena a PO box…

Are you going to be given a certified report? Depending on what the reports intended use it maybe compared to an opposing appraisal report, make sure your report is easy to understand, documents you vehicle to the highest standard and the report contains supporting market data that doesn’t require further research to decipher, many of our competitors fail to provide detailed information in their report, leaving the recipient to “interpret” the contents of the report and the valuation.

Protect your investment. Have it Appraised!!