Car salesman are counting on the fact that your going to be excited and in most cases are going to start spewing all kinds of information that they can use to convince you to buy their car today. If you want a good deal you’re going to have to bring your poker face. Here are some things to keep to yourself so that your emotions aren’t used against you:

1. Don’t discuss how you are planning to pay for it until you have received the out the door price.

2. Be vague about what you’re looking for in a car. If the car has what you’re looking for use it later to negotiate the price of that option as if you didn’t want it. As a matter of practicality about the only options easily removed from a vehicle are the wheels.

3. Don’t discuss what you’re willing to pay for on a monthly basis, they’ll just extend the financing terms instead of reducing the out the door cost.

4. Don’t discuss your credit rating with anyone until you have that out the door pricing, if you have bad credit, your prey for a car salesman. If pressed tell them you have pre-approval, but they are welcome to beat the terms.

5. Don’t tell them this is the only car you’re considering, let them know of other brands and models your considering.

Be educated about your car purchase and don’t show them all your cards. Know the difference between being honest, direct and decisive and blabbing your life history to someone you just met. Be prepared to walk away if you’re comfortable or not convinced you are getting the best deal available.