For example, the CHROME/ANPAC website lists six categories (for which CHROME is an acronym). They are Classic (including antiques and modern classics), Hot Rod (for modified pre-'49 cars), Replica or Kit Car, Original (un-restored cars), Modified or Custom (for modified post-'49 cars), and Exotic (including rare, one-off, limited production vehicles valued in excess of $100,000).

J.C. Taylor has slightly different categories: Antique (original vehicles 19 years and older), Street Rod (modified pre-'49), Customized/Modified (modified post-'49, 20 years or older), Replicar (commercially assembled reproduction of a vehicle at least 25 years old), Kit Car (buyer-assembled vehicle at least 25 years old assembled by the buyer from separately manufactured components), and Exotic (a vehicle that because of its specific make, model year, and condition is considered to be increasing in value).