Finn McMissile, British Intelligence - 1964 Aston Martin DB5 - voice of Michael Caine

Lightning McQueen, Sponsored Race Car – Le Mans endurance racer - voice of Owen Wilson

The Professor, International weapons designer – 1958 Zündapp Janus - The Professor, International weapons designer – voice of Thomas Kretschmann

Holley Shiftwell, Holley is a beautiful young British desk agent – 1991 Jaguar XJR-15 – voice of Emily Mortimer

Mater, Bucktoothed Tow Truck, 50’s Chevy Tow truck - voice of Larry the Cable Guy

Francesco Bernoulli, Formula Race Car Champion – Formula One Race Car - voice of John Tuturro

Miles Axelrod, Former Oil Baron – 2002 Range Rover L322 – voice of Eddie Izzard

Acer, Main Antogonist - 1975 AMC Pacer car – voice of Peter Jacobson

Vladimir Trunkov, Head of Lemon Family – 1959 ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets – voice of Stanley Townsend

It’s so ironic, all the bad guys in this movie were legendary automotive failures which belonged to the “Lemon Family” AMC dominated the Lemon family lineup with the “Head of the Family being such a Lemon as to having to be towed everywhere to avoid breaking down.