Used Car Loan Rates Affect Car Value

by Louis Rix Platinum Quality Author

Buying a used car can be an intense process. One way consumers can reduce the stress and make the process enjoyable, is to have financing planned before looking for a car. Used car loan rates are very low in today’s competitive, low interest rate market. Used motor loans are often a little more challenging to get good deals with than new cars. This is because the lender may have trouble finding information on the vehicle’s history. However, in the competitive internet environment, which has become driven by loan brokers and specialists, rates are as competitive as ever.

Historically, car buyers have often depended on dealer financing plans. Buyers would go to a car dealership, look for a car, and once selecting a car, be hit with aggressive loan selling tactics. Dealers like to sell loans to consumer for two reasons. First, their financing rates are usually higher than the loan market meaning their income is greater. Second, they can more easily influence the buyer to make an immediate purchase rather than risk them changing their mind. These factors have led to many dealers pressuring buyers to take on dealer financing in order to drive away with their used car.

A major factor that has contributed to many consumers being stuck with expensive dealer financing is a lack of consumer education. Many buyers simply have been unaware of the loan options available to them. The lending market is usually much larger than most consumers are aware. Thanks to the internet, more consumer education and resources are available now than ever. Borrowers can learn more about the car buying process and loan options before going into buy a car. This preparation helps consumers’ better handle dealers when they begin talking about financing.

Loan specialists have given much greater access to cheap used car loan rates. They are independent brokers who maintain a large collection of provider relationships. This enables them to offer consumers access to the best products and loan providers in the market. Because of the power these independent brokers have developed, most brokers offer their best used car loan rates through them. Consumers can go to a specialist web site, enter some basic information, and quickly become aware of the best loan products and best rates available. Brokers are also generally extremely customer-oriented and anxious to get buyers ready for the car buying experience.

Used car loan rates greatly affect the total cost of buying a used car. Finance costs are a big part of the total cost of buying a car. Research has recently demonstrated that dealer financing options tend to cost 1,000-1,500 pounds more than lender loans. This has created greater interest from consumers to explore their financing before going to the dealer. Consumers are more empowered now and can focus on finding the best car deal. There is less obligations to negotiate car and finance purchases together. Ultimately, this separation gives buyers the best total car value because they can negotiate car deals and financing deals with focus on each independently.

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