Let’s face it, the economy isn’t going to return to what it was and according to the government jobs are not being created. Despite this trend, the economy does seems to be improving and in the appraisal business we see people buying things that aren’t necessarily needs.

Starting your own business has a lot of risk and development time, with a franchise your buying a system that already works and has the bugs worked out, why reinvent the wheel?

Franchising is driving the small business economy, consider these facts:

• 17,430 people are directly or indirectly employed because of franchised business.

• There are over 828,130 franchise establishments in the United States.

• Franchised business generates $2.1 trillion of direct and indirect economic output.

• Gross domestic Product of Franchised businesses $1.2 trillion.

USA Today reported that the 10 most popular franchising opportunities are:

• Automotive

• Restaurants

• Fast Food

• Service

• Business Services

• Lodging

• Building and construction

• Retail

• Maintenance

• Retail Food

If you’re an Automotive enthusiast and think you have what it takes to appraise cars for an industry leader, give us a call and let us help you determine if an Auto Appraisal Network Franchise would meet your objectives.