The Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI)™ is the industry standard by which the health of a franchise company can be measured and tracked over time. Established by Franchise Business Review in 2007, FSI is a collective assessment of the critical areas of franchisee satisfaction and engagement.

Franchise Business Review has surveyed over 500 of today’s leading franchise brands, representing tens of thousands of franchisees. This data makes our Franchise Satisfaction Index a powerful tool for evaluating franchises, tracking operational performance and predicting future success.

FSI measures: Training & Support, Franchise Operations, Leadership, Core Values, Franchisee Community, Operator Self-Assessment, Financial Performance and General Satisfaction.

Franchisee engagement isn’t about making people feel good. It’s about achieving all of the franchise’s higher goals. Do it well and your franchise thrives. Do it poorly and it withers. As a franchise leader, you know that building franchisee consensus will put you in a position to outperform the competition. And, to achieve consensus, you need to get franchisees engaged.

Engaged franchisees participate with a passion and feel a deep connection to the franchise. They see themselves as partners and actively take ownership for the success of the franchise. Having engaged franchisees has economic benefits