Shiny-Like-the-First-Day-SeWouldn’t it be great if your new teen driver actually kept their first car clean? It seems like one of the facts of life are teenagers and dirty cars. No matter how much you try to help them keep their car clean, they always seem to end up with a dirty car. Mud, dust, water and all sorts of stains seem to amazingly find their way onto their car. Parents fret no more! Thanks to Nissan, those days may very well be in the past. They have recently launched a car whose paint repels all sorts of stains and dirt completely.

Meet Nissan Note

Nissan has always been trying to create cars which are capable of making the life of their owners easier than before. The Nissan Note is another step in that direction. This car has a special coat of paint. The paint is not only oleo-phobic, or oil repellant, it is also super hydrophobic. This makes the paint completely impervious to the effects of oils and water. Those substances will simply slide off the paint, thereby eliminating stains. This technology goes by the name Ultra-Ever Dry and it has been manufactured by UltraTech. This is the latest in the line of self-cleaning technologies to be designed for cars. Nissan has also implemented other self-cleaning features in the Note such as rearview cameras that clean automatically.

The Evolution of Cleaning Technology

Cleaning technologies had always been focused on one aim-to make the cleaning process easier and faster. However, technologies have evolved. Now, you will find technologies that remove the need for human intervention during cleaning. The Ultra-Ever Dry is only one of them. This particular technology works by creating a layer of air which acts as a shield between the paint and the environment.

Therefore, any substance that falls on the surface simply rolls off. Similar technologies have already been in place. The Rain X technology could prevent annoying precipitation from occurring on windshields. Nissan itself has offered Scratch Shield technologies on its cars which can prevent scratches, one of the major banes of vehicles.

Goodbye Car Wash

Dirty cars are not just teenage problems. I’m sure you’ve seen your own car after a road trip. Now, you have two choices. You can either clean the car yourself (which sounds easier than it actually is), or you can visit the car wash. You need a lot of time and energy to clean your car thoroughly. At a car wash, you will have to spend quite a bit of money to get it cleaned. If these self-cleaning technologies become the norm, you will be eliminating a major burden as a car owner. No longer will you have to be at the mercy of the car wash or waste your precious time and energy in getting your vehicle clean.

Self-cleaning cars can pave the way for a number of other uses. The same technology can find a number of other industries where it can prove to be advantageous such as healthcare. Of course, it may be a few years till cars become completely self-reliant when it comes to cleaning.