Parking_DeckParking decks are popular places for motorists to leave their cars. Parking decks—also known as parking ramps—are big and easy to use. They also have room for a huge amount of cars. These traits make car decks ever-present in modern society, and as a result most people use parking decks without a second thought.

But there’s more to parking decks than convenience and space. Parking decks can be dangerous places. Winter weather, crime, and careless driving can all turn your quick stop at the parking deck into an ugly, extended ordeal. Here’s why.

Winter Weather

Winter weather can put a chill on your day’s plans. When you enter a parking deck in the winter, you’re at risk for several things. Among those things:

  • Driving. Although parking decks tend to keep much of the winter’s precipitation from falling directly onto the ground, that doesn’t mean the pavement it completely clear. Ice and snow fall from other vehicles, and can build up when the temperature is cold enough. Even though you’ll be traveling at low speeds, driving on slippery asphalt is dangerous no matter what.
  • Walking. That same ice and snow makes walking a serious hazard. According to New York personal injury lawyers David Resnick & Associates, falling down can cause serious personal injury.
  • Cold. Parking decks keep out most of the snow, but they don’t keep out the cold. Walking in low temperatures can lead to hypothermia and many other conditions. Bundle up!


Parking decks are common scenes. There’s a reason that Hollywood and TV producers use these dank and shadowy locations to shoot tense scenes, and it’s the same reason that real criminals often lurk in parking decks—they’re poorly lit and offer a multitude of spots in which to hide. You’ll be at risk for many crimes, and even while you’re out, things won’t be ideal; parking decks are ideal places for thieves to break open your car’s windows and snatch the goodies within.

When faced with parking choices, you might want to consider parking on the street. Street side parking leaves you out in the open; you’ll be surrounded by people, and your car will be visible the entire time you’re away from it. If you do need to use the deck, remember to stay safe—keep your phone out, have your keys ready, be on the alert for suspicious behavior, and travel with a friend if possible.

Careless Driving

Parking decks are tight spots. While speed limits within garages are very low, the small spaces and packed-ness of the automobiles make for some sticky situations. Many motorists get a little too relaxed when they enter parking decks, thinking their ride is over. Inattentive drivers are a major cause of accidents, and even low speed crashes can cause big problems.

Again, consider parking on the street. You’ll be able to see cars coming, and other motorists will probably be paying better attention to what they’re doing. If you do use the deck, however, remember to pay attention to post laws, to drive slowly, to watch watch you’re doing, and to watch for other drivers.