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1948 Buick Super Sedan

By Brian Earnest

Photos by Dana DeCoster

Depending on how you look at it, Tom Pfeiffer is either a Buick guy who just happened to work for Ford, or a lifelong Ford guy with a secret crush on Buicks.

Either way, Pfeiffer has both of his old car bases covered these days, as the retired Ford Motor Company employee from Sterling Heights, Mich., is the happy owner of one of each: a 1959 Edsel Corsair with only 27,000 original miles, which he uses for most of his collector car driving, and his real baby, a lovely 1948 Buick Super four-door sedan. The Buick is a car that Pfeiffer lusted after for many years, even as he was toiling for Ford as an employee. Back in 1999, he finally got an unexpected chance to become a Buick owner, and he pulled the trigger on his