A couple of days ago in this blog I asked if your car had a history. The story that goes along with your ride is often only something you tell your friends or the occasional bystander. I believe these stories are a key component to the richness of the car hobby.

This is a small part of an Auto Appraisal Network customer, Willie Taitano's story about "Mary-Jane".

This 1961 Cadillac series Sixty-Two Coupe has been named "Mary-Jane". She was purchased just over five years ago by Willie Taitano of Willie's Place, a well know hot-rod shop in San Jose, Ca. The car has become a San Jose Ca.

area icon; this is part of her story.

Willie purchased this 1961 Cadillac Sixty-Two Coupe in October of 2003 from her previous owner in Las Vegas NV. The previous owner acquired her as payment for a gambling debt many years ago. "Mary-Jane" then spent nearly twenty years stored in a garage.

During "Mary-Jane's" maiden voyage from Las Vegas to Campbell, Ca. her original engine expired less than 200 miles from Las Vegas, making towing necessary to complete the trip.

Over the next five years "Mary-Jane" has been re-painted three times, her suspension and powertrain have been extensively upgraded and been she's been re-upholstered once. "Mary-Jane" continues to be upgraded and Willie drives her regularly.

Willie has added features such as a 1971 Cadillac 472 cu.in. engine, Cadillac Turbo 400 automatic transmission, custom 3" lowered front coil springs, a traditional custom tuck and roll upholstered interior by Premier Auto Tops & Interiors Santa Clara, Ca. and a modern state of the art CD stereo system.

"Mary-Jane" is a multi-time award winning '61 Cadillac Custom that Willie fabricated using a mix of genuine vintage and many of the finest modern components available. "Mary-Jane" has been built to achieve the "Old School Custom" look.