Gold, real estate, stocks, mutual funds and bonds have in the past been somewhat stable investments. Looking at the last several years, they have been terrible investments and there futures aren’t much better. What is available to invest in these days if the old standards are not producing? Cars.

Obviously the museum grade vehicles have always and will continue to be a wise investment, but for most past they are unobtainable these days, costing $100,000 or even into the millions, never mind that if you can afford it you still have to find someone willing to sell there’s. There is a limited quantity of these high end investment grade cars.

So what make them so collectible? They are super rare.

What makes any car collectible is their popularity and uniqueness. As an example, muscle cars. Huge engines and numbers matching, whether you’re looking at a Hemi ‘Cuda or a Pontiac GTO there were only a limited number of these car built and even fewer these days. These cars appeal to the baby boomers who associate these cars with there own youth.

In my opinion in order to buy a car as an investment you need to look into the short term future and make a guess as to what is popular to your potential future buyer and where there any limited numbers of these cars. What was cool in high school, is always a good measure of what will be collectible in the future.