As Classic Cars continue to reach records prices Classic Car thefts are also at record levels with no end in sight.

Our first recommendation is to protect your investment, have it appraised and properly insurance with “Agreed Value” Insurance. Most large insurance don’t sell Agreed Value insurance with the exception of AAA. Get quotes from Grundy, Sneed, Heacock, Hagerty or Chrome. These companies specialize in Agreed Value insurance.

Second recommendation is to lock up you pride and joy somewhere not easily accessed, in reading through the site, it seems like a lot of cars are stolen while unattended in driveways and parked on the street. Battery isolators seem to be ineffective as flatbeds snag these cars off the street in seconds.

In my opinion, it seems like any chance of recovery is having a LoJack installed on your car. Most of the recoveries of stolen cars have used a LoJack. LoJack has a special self-powered unit designed for classic cars. This self-powered unit doesn’t rely and drain the vehicles battery.

For more information check out the LoJack.