Auto Appraisal Network

We provide our clients with the best auto appraisal reports for their custom and collector car valuation needs. We offer the following nationwide certified appraisal services for your custom, classic or late model vehicle:

  • Collector and Custom Car Insurance-Agreed Value/Replacement Value
  • Prior to Loss Fair Market Value-Before Accident Valuation
  • Diminished Value-After Accident Valuation
  • Estate, Bankruptcy and Divorce Valuations
  • Finance Appraisals
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our experienced appraisers use the latest software and up to date market data to value your vehicle. Let Auto Appraisal Network document, research and value your vehicle. We routinely perform appraisals of the following vehicle types:


  • Numbers Matching Muscle Cars
  • Modern-Late Model Vehicles
  • Original Collector Vehicles
  • Antique Vehicles
  • Custom Show Cars
  • Hot Rods-Street Rods
  • Kustoms
  • Exotic Sports Cars
  • Stock, Classic and Custom Motorcycles
  • Stock, Classic and Custom Trucks
  • Watercraft
  • Recreational Vehicles-RV’s
  • Project Cars
  • Pro-Street
  • Resto-Mods

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A Brief History:Why We Do What We Do!

About our company

We had four initial goals: first, to produce the most comprehensive and most professional auto appraisa l documents in the industry. Second, we decided to focus on the unusual! Anyone can look up a year-old Honda Accord on NADA Guides or in the Kelley Blue Book. So we decided to target customers who owned “Custom Cars.” For every client who might drive a family car, that same customer might also own a Blown ’32 Five Window Coupe, a Pro-Street 55 Shoebox or a one-off vintage Ferrari. Third, to provide a consistent and thorough auto appraisal report regardless of location. A report for a auto in Miami, FL should come out the same as an auto in Portland, OR. Fourth, it has to be quick, we can email a complete car appraisal report within hours of completion, days before other services. .


" Hello Mark, USAA’s legal representative called me today (a week before the trial) and we settled the claim for $3600 (+ appraisal and court fees). This is the amount that I was willing to go for in order to save the trouble of having to show up in court for an uncertain outcome. Given that they started at $842 this has been a huge movement on their part.I am indebted to you for the tremendous guidance in helping deal with USAA. THANK YOU! " - Subir, Seattle Diminished Value Client
" I wanted to let you know, with my thanks, that your appraisal solved the problem I was having getting my insurance carrier to accept the repair estimate for my 1997 BMW M3. The value and documentation provided in your appraisal led to the carrier putting a higher value on the car, very close to the value your appraisal arrived at, which was more than enough to avoid declaring the car totaled.It was a total pleasure doing business with your company. Please thank Rick for scheduling the site visit and appraisal report completed so promptly. I will enthusiastically recommend you to others, and look forward to another opportunity to work with you that hopefully does not involve an accident. " - Philip H, Prior to Loss Client
Los Angeles, CA
" Hi Dave, I had the pleasure of working with Michael Santus in the East Bay earlier this week. I needed an appraisal on a 2006 Porsche 911 C4S. Michael was professional, very easy to communicate with and understood exactly what I needed. Due to the accurate and well-documented report generated by Auto Appraisal Network, my credit union has agreed to very favorable loan terms that without the report would not have been possible. Michael really was easy to work with, took great pictures and found a few items that most people probably would have overlooked. He excelled at what he did. He also answered a few questions after "normal" business hours. Keep him around!!! " - Eric A., Automotive Finance Client
San Francisco East Bay, CA
" Dave:I wanted to pass along a phone call conversation I had  last night.   The owner of this vehicle was offered $43k by insurance co.  We appraised at $63k.The umpire awarded $53k. The client, called last night ecstatic.He said he was holding his $53k check, and could not believe it. He said his conversation with me convinced him to get a Prior to Loss appraisal and fight. It took months and he was really stressed and needed the money.Well, five days before Christmas a check shows up for $53k. He sure was effusive with the praise for our services and my diligence - just thought you would like to know! " - Mike King, Appraiser
Auto Appraisal Network, San Francisco North Bay, CA
" David,Just wanted to say thank you for getting this report together. State Farm has agreed to reimburse the minimum DV amount plus your fees. We just have the release form to sign. " - Curt S., Diminished Value Client
River Falls, WI
" I highly recommend Auto Appraisal Network.  The appraiser in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jerry Robarts, did a phenomenal job in helping me get a diminished value settlement of over $5,000.  Jerry provided a wealth of knowledge and direction to get the most out of the claim I filed with the insurance company.  I will be recommending everyone I know who has a diminished value claim, to contact Jerry. " - Curt B., Diminished Value Client
Tulsa, OK
" Woody,The appraisal is very impressive!If you don’t mind, I will send Jose a copy of the report so he can see the quality himself.Thank you, " - Mark C., Custom Car Broker
Houston, TX
" I just received your report, and have sent it along to my wife.I must say, this is a very impressive piece of work.  Not only are we pleased at thevalue you placed on the Buick (which we think is a much fairer and reasonable evaluationthan State Farm), but your professional work from the very beginning has beenquality.  We have had a hard time finding people and organizations who actuallydo excellent customer service and provide quality work in any area.  Well, wefound that with you.  I am thankful I found your name on the web, and I canassure you I/we will be more than happy to  promote your name andcompany to anyone who needs such services.Again, thanks such much for your fine work.   " - E. Johnson, Prior to Loss Client
Denver, CO
" Seems all the hard work, pain, suffering, and inconvenience has paid-off – Farmers’ new offer: $17,550 + Tax, etc.Today, I received an email settlement offer from Farmers – ACV: $17,550 (per your appraisal), plus tax, plus license/transfer fee, for a total of almost $19,000.Dave, thanks again for all your counsel in this mess.  It’s good to know there’re a few good people around.Best regards, " - Bill B., Prior to Loss Client
Orange County, CA
" Auto Appraisal Network,I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in my divorce case.I also wanted to let you know that the Judge largely accepted you appraisal of the 1968 Camaro SS which you appraised in this matter… clearly, your appraisal was well-founded, while the Plaintiffs was not.Again, thank you – please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in the future.  " - Thomas B., Defendants Attorney
Dallas, TX