After trying to maintain some of today cars, it seems as though there will be nowhere to buy the components needed to restore and maintain cars of today in the future. Modern cars have complex electrical systems requiring the support of their manufacturers well into the future after they are no longer manufactured.

Today’s collector cars all have fairly simple mechanicals and electronics that used common components that are interchangeable across many manufactures. Batteries, lamps, switches, carburetors, and running gear were used by many manufacturers across several product lines and are easier to find.

Restoring a vintage car today requires sources for items that no loner work and suitable replacements for the items that can’t be repaired.

It can get difficult to find a new ECU for a 10-year old car today, in the future I’d assume it’s not going to be any easier and look at all the plastic in today’s cars. Over time plastic gets brittle and breaks, spare parts of the same vintage will have the same brittleness and without a market for those parts who will make those spares?