Regardless of year, make or model, one universal truth is that original, unrestored vehicles are the most-sought after cars.

Do not buy a car needing restoration as an investment, there are few people who can buy a car, restore is and make money, these cars are few and far between and if you don’t owns such a car, finding one is next to impossible.

An original, very good condition car will most likely be worth more than a restored car. In a cars lifetime it may get restored several times, it can only be original once, kind of like being a virgin.

Less metal is better. 2-Dr cars are worth more than 4-Doors and convertibles are always worth more than a hardtop.

To avoid getting swindled and involved in a lawsuit, spend extra cash to ensure that what you’re buying is the genuine article. Hire appraisers, mechanics or restorers to inspect it. Buy vehicles with solid documentation, such as verifiable factory paperwork or certification from national restoration societies.

Don’t let you emotions buys an investment car, know what the car is worth and what a good deal is. Be weary of a deal that is too good, do your research.

Don’t forget, very few cars are investments, if you make money or break even your lucky, buy something you like and can drive, it’ll always hold its value better that the stock market or real estate.