Tips For Buying Collector Cars

by Brenda Williams Platinum Quality Author

Buying collectors cars is a lot like paying for a story. You must listen to what has gone on with the car to truly appreciate its value. You might not buy the car for its mechanical ability; you might pay for the car purely because its story touched your heart. After all, most car collectors do not collect their vehicles for the fun of it, they collect them because they are personally attached to them and they believe it is the right thing to do.

When you buy a used car it is more imperative than ever to talk to the previous owner. Luckily, most collector cars are being sold from the previous owner. You need to grill them about every detail of the car, as there is a lot more at stake with collector’s cars than there is with regular cars. Also, do not be afraid to ask them for paperwork for certain things like previous servicing and stuff along that line as you really should look at it.

Mileage fraud is a BIG concern when it comes to dealing with collector cars. A lot of people try to scam buyers by turning back the odometers on old cars. This is quiet a bit easier on old cars than it is with today’s cars. Make sure the odometer looks alright and it matches the mileage on the record or question them! Once you have verified the mileage is correct, the next step you will want to do is to take the car to a mechanic for an independent inspection.

Once you have had the independent inspection completed, try to convince the owner into letting you take it for a test drive. The more you get to see with the car, the more you will know it is what the owner said it is. These steps are very important as most collector cars were made before the year 1980. 1980 was the first year that many companies started keeping data about cars involved in accidents. Therefore, you cannot look up to see what has happened with the vehicle if it was made before the year 1980 and it has had only one owner. Just think about it though, because if you buy a collectors car that turns out to be a dud, you are going to be more than out of money, you are going to be pissed off and angry that someone would try to sell you a car that they knew was a dud. You are going to be pissed off that you got taken advantage of by a horrible person.

When collecting collector cars it is important to also consider the transport of them. If you are buying a car from a place that is far enough from your house, you probably are not going to want to drive it home. You should always look into getting a transportation service to bring the car to your home. Many have considerable rates but they can be well worth it. FedEx Auto Passport is one of the best and moves thousands of cars a day. Best of all, they are kept covered in a tractor trailer and you can track the truck by GPS.

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