With the current difficulties facing the housing market, and the fears of recession behind us and then inflation causing the stock market to roller coaster, many are searching for something else to invest in.

Investors recognize that flipping homes in the current economical market is unwise. The wave of foreclosure has increased the inventory of homes on the market and the weak economy means that many would-be buyers are unable to make home purchases.

For those investors that once made money by flipping homes should look into investing in classic cars.

Classic cars have always been a great way to make money. It does, however, take some research before you run out and make a purchase.

There is more then just the age of the vehicle to make it classic. While age does play a factor there must be a market for that particular make and model. After all, if there is no market for a piece of merchandise to make it valuable and worth collection. Now, many investors, including insurance agencies regard classic cars as anything over 15 years old, which can be very misleading for those looking into investing in cars.

What makes investing in cars particularly desirable is the fact that it is a little more affordable than other forms of investing. Several of the cars that are smart moves to purchase only cost a couple of thousands of dollars. For a first time car investor it is not usually a good idea to take out a second mortgage in order to buy a car. Investing in cars can be just as volatile as any other markets so until you fully understand how the market works you will not want to put all your eggs in one basket.