Over $200m in auctions sales in Monterey during Auction Week breaking the previous high of $172m.

• Bonhams: $11m

• Gooding & Company: $78.2m

• Mecum: $22.2m

• RM: $80.1m

• Russo and Steele: $8.5m

This marks a definite milestone as investors avoid the volatile stock and real estate markets for something they can really enjoy. Real Estate remains flat for most of the US market, the Dow has a 52-week range of 10,304 to 12,928 and is sitting at 11,240. Unemployment is at records highs with no new jobs created, yet Auction sales are up 16%.

Consumers speak with their pocketbooks and it looks like they would rather invest in collector cars than some of these sketchy corporate stock or worthless bonds