Good for the Seller and the Buyer. We perform a lot of pre-purchase inspections for our clients. You would be surprised at how many people we also represent in their own cases against folks who sold them a vehicle that they didn’t have inspected prior to their purchase. Unfortunately recovering losses from an unscrupulous seller is expensive and often very frustrating.

The pre-purchase inspection involves a firsthand, thorough examination of the vehicle, including its equipment and condition. Often, because the car and the appraiser are in different cities, or even different regions of the country, appraisers will travel to examine a car, charging an additional fee, depending on the distance involved. All available paperwork, such as service records and documented vehicle history, will be examined, and the vehicle will be driven, if possible.

Why not just take the seller’s word for it when it comes to a car’s condition? Most sellers are honest, but there can be honest differences of opinion when phrases like “runs well for a 1953 car” start getting tossed around. An inspection protects both the buyer and the seller from post-purchase surprises.

It’s entirely possible to do a thorough pre-purchase inspection on your own, but third-party inspections can be an excellent idea, especially when buying a car at a distance. It’s all too common for a buyer to be disappointed when a car turns out to be in worse condition than photographs and a seller’s assurances led them to believe.