After you let us know that you need your vehicle appraised, a local certified appraiser will call you to talk about your appraisal needs, schedule a time to come to your location to perform the appraisal and quote you appraisal fee.

At the scheduled appointment time and place our appraiser will arrive to discuss the vehicle history if any, ask for the vehicle license or registration, evaluate the vehicle and extensively photograph the vehicle. During the photography of the vehicle, the appraiser may ask for you to move the vehicle and or open/close doors trunks and hoods. Upon completion of the on-site appraisal, you have the option of paying for the appraisal service by cash, check or credit card.

Your appraiser will send the appraisal photographs and appraisal data to our head office, where the appraisal report is compiled, researched and finalized. An electronic copy of the full report will be e-mailed to you when completed. Normal time to complete a report is the next business day, although they can be completed in as little as 2-hrs as needed, please arrange with your appraiser. 2-3 days after completion you will be mailed a printed and bound hardcopy, delivery times vary depending on your location.

Appraisal video