Pros and Cons of Driving Your Car In the Winter

By:  Candice Hubbard

Northside Driving Schools don't just stop giving driving lessons because the weather turns cold.  No indeed.  They take their clients out on the roads in all kinds of weather to ensure that they get the best driving experience possible.  The only way to do that is to have them drive through snow, ice, rain, whatever weather the day brings.  That's a great attitude to have but there are both pros and cons of driving a car in the wintertime.

Break Downs

While a total break down is something every car own wants to avoid, they will warn you as far back as when you are in driving school that there really is no sure way to prevent this from happening to you.  Cars are unpredictable, and even though you might treat your car like a cherished member of the family, most likely there is going to come that day when it is simply going to give out on you.  That is more probably going to happen in the winter when the engine gets cold and hoses go bad or freeze.  Also, if you have a leaky water pump or spark plug trouble, the winter is when a problem is most likely going to hit you, and you could find yourself stranded far from home.  So make sure that you take any and all precautions with your car and have any problems with it fixed before the winter months set in.

Why wait until you are literally left out in the cold to take action, when you can have the problem fixed ahead of time.  It really doesn't make any sense.  Also, get your car a checkup before winter's chill sets in.  That's right.  Have your mechanic check all the fluids for you including the oil, and have him check the strength of your battery too.

Battery and Chargers

Northside Driving Schools stress the importance of proper batter maintenance so that you don't have your battery give up the ghost on you just when you need it most.  It could be right in front of your home on a cold winter's day, or in the parking lot of some store while winter's wind is gusting all around you.  No matter what the conditions, having your batter run out of energy is not pleasant.  You should make sure that you have your set of chargers with you at all times in case this does happen, and that they work too.

Cooling System

You should make sure that you have enough antifreeze in your car to keep it protected while out on the road.  Sure it can be fun driving in winter after a snow with the peaceful white road in front of you.  And certainly you enjoy the fact that there are less people on the road off and on during the winter months, but there can be some surprises in store for you if you don't take the time and spend the money to keep your car in tip top shape during the wintertime.  Winter can be dangerous and all the driving schools emphasize this point.


Candice had been an auto mechanic for most of her life, and she is a certified expert in car engines.  For a time she was an instructor at Northside Driving Schools, and in various other driving schools in Brisbane.