Bob Nizza says he always wanted the best muscle car he could find. "The one that was worth the most, and that was the Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda," chuckled the Long Island, N.Y., resident. "But those bring six, seven figures. That just wasn't gonna happen!"

Turns out, after spending the last 36 years with his superbly preserved 1974 'Cuda, Nizza actually did wind up with his "seven-figure car," even if all those zeroes only fall in the intrinsic value ledger."My friends all laugh at me, but I wouldn't ever sell this car. I wouldn't sell this car for a million dollars," Nizza proclaimed.

The odometer on the car now has just 29,679 miles, making Nizza's 'Cuda a rare pristine survivor from the muscle car era's dying days, and this week's "Car of the Week."

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