For the past 50 years, the Empire Sports Car Association has served the Sonoma County Auto Enthusiasts.  The groups monthly Rallyes and Auto-Crosses have drawn the attention of many gear heads across the Bay Area.

In previous years car clubs were abundant and auto events overlapped one another, now there are only a couple active clubs that support these events.

Founded in 1963 the Empire Sports Car Association is one of the original Bay Area Car Clubs.  One of the Associations most popular events is the Autocross, a competitive event that challenges a drivers speed and control through a closed course.  These events are typically restricted to members only.

(ESCA) Empire Sports Car Association has roughly 260 members and holds its meetings the first and third Tuesday 7pm of each month at the Marlow Center, Round Table Pizza, Santa Rosa, CA.

ESCA sponsors the annual April Fool’s Rallye which is open to the public as well as several others for the enjoyment of the club members. Several of ESCA’s rallies have won the N.C.S.C.C. Variety Rally of the Year Award.