In recent years, interest in classic cars has skyrocketed. But amazingly, even though we can watch an auction in primetime high-definition, many of us still don't cover all the bases when shopping for a classic. And sadly, a large percentage of us don't know the true value of the iron parked in our very garages. Both have the potential of leaving big money on the table in the case of an insurance claim or sale. Thankfully, there are ways to protect ourselves both before and after the sale; they're called pre-purchase inspections and appraisals.

These days, the Internet has made car shopping a breeze, but it has also opened the door for everyone from the dreamer asking way too much for his unfinished project, to unscrupulous types who try to pass off beaters as beauties. And because these vehicles are often a long ways away, and usually it is costprohibitive to travel in order to personally inspect them, it makes sense to spend a few bucks for a professional to do an inspection for you.

Protect your investment. Have it appraised!

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