The latest issue of Hemmings Motor News was sitting on my dad’s coffee table as I visited for the weekend. I flipped through a few pages to pass the time as I waited for the rest of the family to arrive. The first few pages included ads for classic car insurance, Mecum’s upcoming auctions, and a variety of automotive products. The page that caught my eye was entitled “How Much Is It Worth?” The March 2013 Automania section was reprinted from the September 2007 issue. Richard Lentinello, the magazine’s executive editor, explained the importance of hiring a professional appraiser when you are ready to sell or buy a vehicle.

• Appraisals must be done in person to offer a true value.

• The quality of the body and panels must take into account the installation, original parts, and repairs. They affect the value just as much as the basic make, model, and year.

• Paint can be valued if it is the original paint in good condition or a new paint job that does not have overspray or orange peel.

• Trim, bumpers, chrome, carpet, headliner, door panels, and seat cushions can all affect a car’s value.

• You need an appraiser that will have access to accident history, look for matching-numbers engines and transmissions.

• A professional appraiser can help you sell your current car and even appraise for a pre-purchase on a car you are interested in buying.

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Stephanie Schoendienst