The best known of the racing dealers is Don Yenko from Cannononsberg, Pennsylvania. Wanting more performance than the 396 Camaro would provide Yenko Sportscars created the Yenko Super Camaro by installing the 427 cid 425 engine. Yenko had been building Corvair Stingers and some of the early Yenko Camaros had Corvair window stickers with the Camaro information filled in. These cars all had the special Yenko hood scoop and Yenko emblems. Most of the early Yenko Camaros went to Chicago where they were distributed by Span Inc.

This 1969 "GOLD" Yenko Camaro is one of 10 built and one of four still in existence. It is one of only two with white stripes. This car is fully documented with dealer order and sales data and by far the most rare and hardest to obtain Yenko's to own. It just completed a "no expense spared restoration." This is a factory built 9561 COPO car that comes with a 427/425 horsepower engine, 4 speed transmission and 410 rear gear rear end. It was built by Don Yenko Chevrolet to run on the dragstrip. This was a factory built COPO 427, Central Office Production Order. This car still has the original "BE" rearend. The seller has owned every color 1969 Yenko Camaro there is to own and this one by far and away is in a league of its own. You can find any other color Yenko, try and find a gold one, it is next to impossible!