Driving on ice is difficult and can be dangerous.  CarandDriver.com recommends you keep your head on a swivel, drive defensively, and stay away from drugs and trans fats.  Good advice, huh? Here are a few more tips to help your winter drive if you need to be on the roads in the coming days:

  • Be sure your windshield wipers are new or have been replaced recently.  This is not something we think about for icy days, but are very important to be able to see the road and those around you.  Also, turn them off when you exit so they do not start on a frozen windshield.
  • Edmunds.com recommends running the air-conditioner on the "fresh air" option, even if you must use the "hot" setting, to remove condensation and frost from the interior of windows.
  • Keep a heavy coat, sleeping bag, and other survival gear in your trunk just in case.  People have needed to stay with their car on a highway or walk home from a stranded vehicle many times over the years.
  • Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated.
  • Check your battery charge and terminals prior to heading out.
  • CarandDriver.com also recommends you keep your gas tank full. More gas means more weight, which can mean better traction. Also, a gas tank nearing empty is more susceptible to condensation, which can form in the tank and then freeze in your fuel lines, preventing your car from starting.