Atlanta, Colorado, North Carolina South Carolina, Orlando, Jacksonville… these are just some of the available markets that we need developed. These are easy markets for our services that we know the markets have all the business you could ever want, you just need a refined system like ours to be able to reach those customers and build an Appraisal business using your Automotive experience.

We’re looking for driven individuals with automotive sales and marketing experience. If you’re the kind of person that attends endless cars shows and have no problem talking to other gear heads you may want to consider one of our available territories to develop yourself in.

We have found that some of our best current appraisers are former military members and I know that military experience is exactly what it takes to provide the most comprehensive appraisal documents available in the marketplace. If you have an automotive background and see potential in your local area for Appraisal services like;

Replacement Value – to buy specialty insurance for exceptional original, custom and restored cars

Diminished Value – late mode appraisals for individuals who have been in an accident and the car was repaired

Prior to Loss – help an Insured get a better settlement out of their Insurance claim

Fair Market Value – what a vehicle is worth in today’s open market

Pre-Purchase Inspections – help someone purchase a used vehicle

Legal valuations – estates, divorces and Bankruptcies all need appraisals to represent the asset in legal matters

If you can identify the need for these types of services in your local market give us a call and we can help you test market these services to determine if this may be a viable business for you. And while it’s not required to have a military background, we do offer incentives to those who are former military members. Give us a call at (888) 269-1129 or use this link to request more information.