Vintage Lamborghinis are Selling for Record Prices

Starting in London 2010 two Miura’s a ’71 SVJ and a ’72 SV sold for over a $1 million dollars, which was a first for Lamborghini. 5-months later a ’71 P4000 SV sold for $1.7 million and a month after that ’67 Marzal Concept sold for $2.14 million.

Are vintage Lamborghini’s really worth the $1 million plus?

In light of lack of available Ferrari’s it seems the next collectible Italian super car is the Lamborghini.

So you ask what to buy to make a little money in the future, look at this trend;

1971 Miura P400 SV Condition #2

2006 $385k

2007 $875k

2008 $823k

2009 $659k

2010 $753k

2011 $906k

2012 $935k

5-year trend up 7%

3-year trend up 41%

2-year trend up 24%

I don’t know about you but that’s way better than my stock portfolio. Not bad for a Tractor manufacture who unveiled the first Lamborghini 400 GT in 1966. Keep in mind the first Ferrari came out in 1947 nearly 20-years before.