Ugliest Caddy – Possibly Ugliest Car

This one of a kind customized rockabilly Cadillac

You just have to look at this car and wonder, is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder?

This car wasn’t built overnight or in silence, the builder must have a family or friends who should have do the right thing and been honest. This car only appeals to ne person.

This 1974 Cadillac Coupe deVille has a 21-foot fiberglass body was built with a vision by an eccentric Aerospace Engineer. It has been speculated that this car may even be a George Barris built car, but even then, it’s not pretty.

This car is up for bid right now on ebay, roughly 7 people have bid this car up to $9,188 and there is only 9 hours of bidding left.

Really…7 other people are interested in this car?

Friends, don’t let friends build ugly cars.