Stolen Classic Cars

Getting your car stolen is the last thing you need. If it does happen the first thing you’ll want to have is the proper type of insurance that covers the replacement value of your car, you also need to warn others that your car is out there and not exactly under the best circumstances.

Auto Appraisal Network works with local and state agencies to compare the cars we appraise to the many databases tracking stolen classic and collectible cars. The unique identifier for all cars is their VIN, every car that we appraise is compared to lists of VIN’s we received from the state and local authorities, but even more important are the organizations that support multiple states and all kinds of collector vehicles.

One such all-encompassing organization is Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association (WSATI) They are a non-profit organization that is comprised of professionals representing law enforcement, rental car and insurance companies, and other individuals whose goal is to reduce vehicle theft.

When a vehicle is stolen it’s reported to the local authorities, insurance claims are made and the owner hopes his vehicle is recovered in one piece. The goal of all these organizations is to assist law Enforcement and the owner in recovering their stolen vehicle.

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