Spyker stock soars... reconsiders SAAB

As the weekend showed, there's (a little) hope for both Saab and its Dutch suitor, Spyker. Spyker submitted a renewed eleven-point plan to General Motors that they (Spyker) hopes will allow them to take ownership of the deeply troubled brand. And yes, being pronounced dead four days ago counts as "deeply troubled." As Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt pointed out, all this dead/not dead uncertainty has been throwing Saab employees, "between hope and despair."

Meanwhile, a (perhaps) unintended consequence of Spyker's eleventh hour rebid is that their stock has soared up 23.5 percent. Now, as some of you well know, Spyker isn't very big. They sold just forty-three cars last year and their market cap was just 26.6 million euros before the stock shot up. Still, if Spyker plays their cards right, this spike in value could have long term benefits, but only if they secure a deal for Saab.

As Auto Appraisers, what doee this do to either brand? Only time will tell.