save money on repairs

Save Money on Repairs After a Minor Accident

Minor car accidents can have major effects on your money. While fender benders and other small-scale wrecks are less likely than their big-hit counterparts to leave your body with lasting damage, these seemingly small accidents nonetheless pose big financial risks to everyone involved. 

If you find yourself in the situation of knocking into a neighbour’s car in the parking lot or skidding on ice at low speeds into a stranger’s pick-up truck, don’t simply brush things off as if nothing happened. An auto accident is an auto accident, no matter how minor. You’ll likely need some expensive repairs. Here are some tested methods to make sure you don’t go broke after your fender bender.

Shop Around and Compare Prices

This bit of old advice is always relevant, isn’t it? Different repair shops and parts dealers charge different prices for the same parts and services. Don’t just throw a blank check at the first person who offers to help you out. Shop around. Look at a few spots and see who offers the best deals. With the internet, comparing the services, prices, and quality of various auto shops is a breeze. You can save a bundle with a few mouse clicks.

Repair Things Yourself

If you’ve got the mechanical aptitude, use it! Why throw away hard-earned cash if you don’t need to? When you spend at a shop, you’re not only paying for the repairs. You’re also paying for labor, site maintenance, employees’ insurance, and to help the shop turn a profit. As with comparing prices, the internet makes DIY car repairs easier than ever. 

Just be careful—doing things yourself might save yuo money, but  a mistake you could end up costing you quite a bit extra or cause injury. Be honest about your home repair abilities, and don’t be too proud to hire a pro when you find a problem you’re unsure about.

Befriend a Mechanic

When you’ve got a go-to car repairperson, you’ve got an important friend. The high costs and unpredictability of car repairs can make any vehicle owner wary of scammers and profit-seeking body shops. 

When you find a mechanic you like and trust, return to their shop. A mechanic with whom you have a long-term relationship will give you good service. Your trust is valuable to them, and they’ll make sure to hold onto your loyalty by making your visit smooth and easy. Like a reliable dentist or financial planner, a trusted mechanic is an essential member of your network. 

And don’t forget to repay the favor! When you get good service, give your mechanic a positive review on Yelp or another online ratings service. Let other people in your situation know whom they can trust.      

Document Damages

After you’ve been in an accident, make note of your car’s condition. If the accident wasn’t your fault, the reckless driver who hit you could be held responsible for your repair costs, according to Kelly & Soto Law. If you’ve got good documentation of your car’s condition before and after your accident, you’ll help set the record straight about repairs and costs. Why shell out thousands of your own dollars to fix someone else’s mistake?