Regardless a nice Corvette is a nice Corvette, but from a collectability standpoint what makes one car more collectible than another is being a desirable car and how many are there.

In basic terms Bloomington is all about a well maintained original cars “survivors”, while NCRS is all about being technically as close to the factory as possible, “Top Flight”.

As an appraiser I can appreciate both, but what I see in general terms is that Bloomington cars bring more money than NCRS cars. Why is this? Basically there are only so many “Survivors”. There is a fixed number of cars that can be called Survivors and these cars get lost to structure fires and sold to folks that restored them all the time, so the number of Survivors is a shrinking number making them more rare the NCRS cars.

You can always buy a car and have it restored to NCRS standards, but that just increases the number of NCRS cars and if the number of Top Flight car continues to grow those cars are not as rare as the Survivors.

Limited numbers = Higher resale value.