Have you been in an Auto Accident?

Almost every car that’s been in an accident and repaired will have some form of Diminished Value. In most states you can only claim a Diminished Value loss if you were the party not at fault.

Insurance companies for the most part deny that a properly repaired vehicle has any Diminished Value, but ask the dealership to take you repair car in on a trade and they will tell you repaired accident damage makes a huge difference when people are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle.

Some insurance companies give adjusters scripts to help them lower the value of claims. Claimants need to support their claims, but with an expert evaluation that diminished value has occurred, they will pay for your Diminished value loss.

Many people are surprised to find out how much their diminished value claim is until they try and sell the car and find out what they can’t sell it for.

Contact your local Auto Appraisal Network Appraiser for en estimate of how much less you car is worth after being in an accident.