How much would you pay for a car that’s been in an accident?

Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen when you sell your vehicle with its accident history? It’s simple, you not going to get as much for it as you would have had it not been in an accident.

Is that your fault? In most cases it’s not. As an example, if you were rear ended and someone else was at fault in the accident, they are also responsible for the loss in your vehicle when you go to sell it, it’s called Diminished Value and it’s a loss you will not relies until you go to sell your vehicle.

Don’t wait to sell you vehicle, Auto Appraisal Network can appraise your vehicles and determine the amount your vehicle has been depreciated based on the severity of the accident you were in.

We have a great record of getting our clients the most favorable settlement for your Diminished Value claim. Call your local appraiser and find out home much your going to loos when you sell you repaired vehicle.