It seemed like a good idea in the beginning. Back when we were paying $5 a gallon for gas, many states and the federal government thought we could stretch our gasoline reserves out a bit if we added a little ethanol to each gallon. Anywhere from 5% to 15% ethanol mixtures were mandated to be sold at the pumps. Indeed, cars can run on the various ethanol mixtures and ethanol is a renewable resource so it all sounds good.

No so much says the Florida legislature, the alcohol additive attracts water, the additives in gasoline can make the water corrosive and this corrosive mixture eats away at your car from the inside out. So while we move closer to a renewable solution, this particular solution is far more costly than just buying the same ole gasoline that we have been using all along. Ethanol will reduce the lifespan of your car forcing consumer to replace their car sooner than if they hadn't used the Ethanol.

Thanks to US car manufacturers voiding new car warranties if you fill up with Ethanol and the actions of many consumer advocates, Florida for one will not mandate Ethanol be sold to consumers. Specialty Vehicle Lobbyist have played a keep roll in reversing the legislation which would be even more devastating for Classics and Collectibles that were designed and built for vehicles to run on gasoline. New cars incorporate special materials designed to be compatible with Ethanol, while the classics and collectibles are made of materials only compatible with straight gasoline. Filling up an older car with ethanol could be catastrophic.

Look for additional states to follow the lead of Florida in dropping the mandate for ethanol based fuel.