There are now many insurance companies providing coverage to collector cars exclusively, and the rules regarding coverage, claims, and usage have become a lot more hot rodder friendly. In these days, when it is becoming increasingly more difficult to build, paint, register, and drive a hot rod or other specialty vehicle, it's nice to know that our insurance companies are on our side.

Start by asking your fellow hot rodders or trusted builders for recommendations (or warnings). Then start checking websites or making phone calls to gather information from as many companies as you can. Tell them about your car and ask them about what kind of coverage they offer, how they handle claims, premium rates, vehicle usage policies, and any specific issues that might pertain to your vehicle. Each company has its own rules, its own definitions, and categories for the many diverse types of collector cars, not to mention its own types of policies and programs. In addition, insurance is regulated by states, and all 50 of them have different laws regarding it.