Don't Ignore These Things Your Car Does

While it might be possible to delay some car repairs, others are true emergencies and must be dealt with right away— in order to ensure the safety of the driver and everyone else who rides in the vehicle.

If paying for these repairs is a concern, drivers may have to consider a small emergency loan, such as a CashNetUSA cash advance. It is far better to use one of these services than to wait too long and risk a serious car breakdown or accident.

As for which car repairs deserve immediate attention, watch for these serious symptoms and call your auto repair shop for help.


If the car is no longer stopping properly, this is a major red flag. If a car needs a lot longer to stop than usual, it may be caused by brake fading, which may require a replacement. If applying the brakes causes the car to move to the right or the left, the brakes may be doing something called “grabbing.” Grabbing can quickly lead to serious problems and should never be ignored, as it will just get worse.1


If the engine regularly cuts out while accelerating, the car needs to be taken in right away for service. It might be something as easy to fix as a battery or even a pricier alternator, but it could also be indicative of a more serious problem.1


As drivers pull out of the driveway, if they spot any type of puddle that is left behind, it can definitely be the sign of something serious. Drivers should take note of the color of the liquid and let their mechanic know about it as soon as possible. For example, a dark-color puddle might be oil or power steering fluid, whereas a more colorful yellow, orange, pink or green pool of liquid could indicate a coolant leak.2

Sounds and Smells

While driving, people should also keep their ears and noses open as well as their eyes— be aware of any odd smells that emanate from the vehicle, like smoke, burning oil or the smell of burnt toast or rotten eggs. Anything that smells nasty is a sign that something is wrong and should be looked at right away. Also, if your car sounds like it’s making popcorn while you are driving, it may be due to minor or serious pings occurring during detonation. If it gets noticeably worse as the car accelerates, take it right in for service.1

Regular Maintenance

While any car can develop problems, some can be avoided through regular maintenance and service. For example, bringing in a vehicle for regular tune-ups can uncover any potential problems early on, such as worn-down brake pads and small cracks in the transmission. A radiator flush should also be part of routine maintenance, noted an article on the website.3 This can help spot leaks or corrosion in the radiator, which— if undetected— can lead to more serious problems later on.