Damages Extend Further Than Can Be Repaired


So much of our work these days seems to be as a result of an accidents which cause a diminished value to the car(s) involved......that was the case on the most recent Diminished Value appraisal that I did for Ms. Danielle H.

Danielle called me after being referred by Steinger, Iscoe and Green attorneys. I do all the appraisals in the West Palm Beach area and surrounding counties for Steinger, Isco and Green that have an injury as a result of the accident. When there is no injury involved, S, I & G refers the car owner to me for the diminished value appraisal. This was the case with Ms. H as she is a resident of Lake Worth, Fl in Palm Beach County. The accident took place in the city of Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County. Danielle called me on February 13th and felt she would have her 2010 Dodge Ram pick up back in the next couple of days and after inquiring about our services and fees, she agreed that she would use our services provided I could come to her work location in Pompano Beach, Fl which is in neighboring Broward County. I agreed to accommodate this request and  we agreed to arrange a time once her truck was completed and back in her possession. Danielle's repair was being done by Delray Motors in Delray Beach, Fl.

As promised, Danielle got her truck back on February 14th, contacted me via email on the 15th and we scheduled her appraisal for Tuesday, the 18th at 10:30 a.m. at her work location. After discussing Danielle's accident details, receiving all the paperwork from her, I proceeded to conduct me work taking the pictures and recording all the pertinent data. Danielle expressed that her truck was her pride and joy and it certainly showed in the obvious meticulous care and cleanliness of the truck. This loaded Dodge Ram 1500 was well equipped and extremely clean.

The information was compiled entered into the computer and sent to the corporate office in Lake Forest, CA. The appraisal will be completed and returned to Danielle via email and hard copy sent to her home.

This particular appraisal is typical of the process and our procedures are consistent allowing us to best serve the consumers. Diminished value of one's vehicle is real and frequently amounts to considerable financial loss when the car is sold or traded. It is a service that all the Appraisers at Auto Appraisal Network are happy to provide.

Tom Willhite, Auto Appraisal Network, Palm Beach, Indian River, Okeechobee, St Lucie, and Martin Counties, Florida