Cost-Saving Car Maintenance Tips You Might Not Have Thought of

Your car can seem like a never-ending drain on your bank account. Beyond the initial purchase, you pay for insurance, gasoline, tire rotations, oil changes, and of course maintenance. Due to your car’s complexity and the fact that you most likely need it in order to continue your current lifestyle, you spend any amount your automobile demands. 

There are plenty of money-saving methods out there for car owners, and you’ve probably heard them all: drive carefully, keep up on oil changes, shop for the best deals, etc. Those are useful tips, and you should use them. But for those of you looking to venture off the beaten path, here are some lesser-used ideas.   

Do Maintenance Yourself

Professional mechanics don’t come cheap, and when you go to one, your bill always includes a bunch of repairs you didn’t expect. It’s frustrating to feel at the mercy of repair-people. 

Well, if you can’t beat‘em, join’em. Become an amatuer mechanic. Check your local community college or adult education listings for car repair classes. Repairing a car takes some skill, but it’s not nuclear physics. Learning even a small handful of DIY tricks will save you a lot of money. Youtube and other social media services are filled with helpful car experts looking to help out a vehicle-owner in need.

Leave Your Car at Home

Here’s an easy to reduce wear-and-tear on your car: just don’t drive it. There are so many alternatives available these days that you shouldn’t have any trouble getting from place to place. Bicycles, taxi cabs, ride-share apps, light rails, subways, and many other tools will get you to work or fun easily and safely. 

If you’re not driving your car, you’re not hurting your car. No ice and salt on your paintjob, no fender benders in the parking lot, no mysterious scratches. And, of course, no risk of accidents. Car accidents can be incredibly costly, and they’re very common—some states alone see nearly 300,000 accidents per year, according to DSS Law, car accident lawyer in New Jersey.   

Think Outside the Box Store

When you need some parts, don’t just head to the nearest big box store and drop whatever amount of money they ask for. Those stores are there to make money, not to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Check out your other options. Friends, coworkers, junk shops, even online services like Craigslist can prove to be reliable sources of car parts. The extra few minutes you spend will keep your lifestyle thrifty, and you’ll get the satisfaction of the hunt.

Seek Out Underused Streets

Potholes, heavy traffic, and pedestrians can all do damage to your vehicle. With a little research, you can avoid all these things. Do some planning. Identify streets that people don’t use as much. Take those streets. They might take a little longer, but the extra time is worth if it saves you the trouble of a car accident. Plus, driving on a clear, open road is a sheer joy all on its own. You can get some peace and quiet while accomplishing your goals.