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About Us

Our appraisers appear as expert witnesses in dozens of court cases and we continue to participate in arbitrations on a regular basis. We have also worked cooperatively with many prominent law firms and various government and law enforcement agencies on large cases involving the value of automobiles.

Our network of certified appraisers appraise stock and customized vehicles for the purpose of tax donations, which we regularly perform for several of the most prominent non-profit charities in the United States.

Auto Appraisal Network and our appraisers are members of International Automotive Appraisers Association (IAAA), North American Dealers Association (NADA) Classic and Collectibles Board of Advisors and the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA). Auto Appraisal Network has been trained, tested and certified to the industry accepted and recognized Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedures (USAAP)

We are the appraisers of choice for virtually every Classic, Customized, Street-Rod, Hot-Rod, Specialized, and Custom Bike builder, consignment house, component supplier, and fabricator, across the country.

Watch for us on the upcoming series Modern Hotrodz as Jeff Moran and his family's one-of-a-kind approach to managing his multi-million dollar custom car-building empire.


Recently selected by GI Jobs Magazine as a Military Friendly Franchise for 2010. Placing Auto Appraisal Network in the top 10% of all franchises opportunities nationwide. 


Colonel Phil G. Restivo on active duty deployment in Africa


Back when Phil Restivo bought the Houston, TX appraisal territory, I knew that Phil was a Colonel in the Marine Reserves and Phil frequently scheduled appraisals around his reserve duties. In early 2010 Colonel Restivo was called to active duty and deployed to Camp Lemonnier in Africa. Phil has additional certified appraisers supporting the large Houston territory and with the aid of email communications Phil has been able to continue to support the Houston territory from Africa.

I for one, am grateful to Colonel Restivo and all of the active and reserve duty military personnel who voluntarily leave behind their friends, family and lively hoods to defend our country.

Phil has been on deployment now for almost a year and I look forward to welcoming him back to the US, thanking him for his service and to help Phil further develop the Houston appraisal territory.

Phil is an excellent appraiser with years of automotive experience and his military training makes his appraisals extremely thorough and detailed. It has been my experience in this industry that military veterans have a lot of automotive experience and their military training produces very high quality appraisal reports.

Join me in welcoming all of our soldiers returning from defending our country from all over the world.

Thank you Phil for your guidance and dedication!

David Williams

Founder, Auto Appraisal Network, Inc.