Car Valuation – Increase the Value

Car Valuation – Increase the Value

by Darrell Freeman

A quick ten minutes at the local car wash and a couple of quid in the vacuum cleaner may be all that is needed to make a sale. But to get the very best value from your car you will need to put in a little more effort and in return make quite a bit more cash, a free valuation is not a bad place to start so that you know how much money and time you may want to invest.

Correct preparation for selling a vehicle is straightforward but does require some common sense and intuition. It’s all about trying to take a few years and a few thousand miles of this highly desirable vehicle as well as bringing the minor faults into line with a less well traveled car that in turn will give you the best car valuation.

It is just as important to make your vehicle look its best if you are selling it privately or are looking to trade the car in or sell it to a scrupulous dealer. By methodically dealing with minor dents to the bodywork, scratched bumpers and seen better day’s paintwork, you can bring out the best in your vehicles appearance.

Untidy, dull and dirty interiors can also lower the value of the car; you can even by sprays that will add that elusive new car smell to your interior. Small bodywork repairs may seem inconvenient not to mention they also cost money, but your free car valuation should have told you that this bump and that scratch are going to reduce your sale value by X number of pounds. If you repair the bodywork, problems you will not only get back the X number of pounds you would have lost you will also add value to the vehicle. Because what you were saying was I couldn’t be bothered fixing the bodywork so, you fix it Mr. Buyer and I will give you a discount that is ore than the cost of the repairs, which is what it means when you sell the vehicle for less than its possible full car valuation price.

It need not be very expensive to make many of the exterior and interior repairs and cleanups; most of it just requires a little patience, a small amount of easily learned skill and a big helping of elbow grease.

Getting a free car valuation will give you the indicators you need to know what is dragging down the value of your vehicle and point you in the right direction for adding easy value to the vehicle.

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